Change management and organisation development: Ranging from large company wide change programmes to smaller pieces of OD work with one division or team.

Change management skills for managers

Equipping senior, middle and first line managers with skills and tools to manage change – this can be a half day workshop or a 4-5 day programme with coaching.

Culture change: Helping organisations to diagnose current culture and then change current behaviours and ways of working to create a new culture.

Restructures: Company restructures, downsizing/rightsizing, implementing new business models and post merger integration.

HR Strategy and transformation: Developing an HR or people strategy, talent management, skills for HR managers, and transforming the whole HR function.

Performance management: Improving an existing performance management process, implementing a completely new process, and/or developing managers’ engagement and skills in performance management.

Engagement through change: Engaging employees throughout a change process and developing employee value propositions.

Senior team workshops and off-sites: Facilitating senior teams; the focus can be on vision, strategy, business planning, developing a plan for change, implementation/execution and team building. Workshops range from a half day to 2-3 day events, often involving the senior team but can be much larger events (for example, 20-30 up to 100+ people).